Memoirs of vaishno devi trip

I always wanted to go to vaishno devi but as they say unless her bulawa comes, a visit there is nearly impossible.I wanted to do the darshans in Chaitra Navratras (April) but able to visit in september last year.As we reached Jammu bus stand, we took bus for katara.we reached katara in 5 hrs where we checked in a prebooked hotel.The hotel had the car facility back and forth to banganga and katara which was really helpful.

The hotel car dropped us near banganga at 5 Am next morning and we started to trek by 5:20.The journey though got tiring but was filled with beautiful views.As family was together we were sharing and enjoying every moment of it.

As we reached Ardhkuwari,we were exhausted and queue was also long.Thus we took rest,had food and waited in the long queue for our turn to enter the divine cave.I was bit apprehensive in the begining, whether i will be able to move out of it as its quite narrow to cross but once done i could say it felt like overcoming your big fear.After this we started to trek for the main temple.It took us 7 hrs to reach shrine and do the darshan.In the night shrine was looking like a beautiful crown..

After having dinner, we started our trek for bhaironath temple, which itself is a difficult trek.After doing the darshan at bhaironath, we started our return journey.while returning, elders though took long route, we preferred stairs as it was less painful and easy.In about six hrs we reached our hotel.Though it was a pilgrimage but a wonderful journey

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2014-09-24 05:56:49

Hi vandana your trip really seemed interesting,I am also planning to visit this year.

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