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Believe me, I came to Istanbul after a long flight. First of all, there was a car waiting for us on the outside of the line, and with him Sultanahmet Cankurataran I stayed at a boutique hotel in a very special and wonderful neighborhood. We have been staying at this hotel for 2 days. Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia were very close when we looked at the hotel. In the morning we meet at the istanbul tours Sultanahmet at the square with our first rehearsal waiting for us. first on the right side were works and structures made during the Ottoman Empire period. There are 3 structures that date from the time of the Eastern Roman empire. Hagia Sophia, the world's largest orthodox church, is the second oldest building in Istanbul, the Hippodrpome, and a real arena for it. 3. Istanbul walls are very large and completely protect the surroundings of Istanbul. 4. The Cemberlitas column is thought to have been built at the time of the oldest column and Constantine. This column is so named because it is very sheltered. At the top of it is thought to be a statue on the horse of the East Roman Empire Kosntantine. 5. The last is the Yerebatan cistern, the Yerebatan cistern in order to meet the water needs of Istanbul. There are extremely long marble columns in it.

After many years of staying in istanbul, many old houses in istanbul oldcity have been restored to a very nice family hotel. All the hotels in this sultanahmet are special boutique hotels. istanbul oldcity blue mosque just below it is arasta bazaar. This is a very nostalgic base. The income earned here istanbul Blue mosque is paid at all costs and expenses of the employees and salaries. Even here, there are shops selling souvenirs, which are extremely nice souvenirs, and shops selling silk and woolen carpets. Many travel books include the arasta Bazaar and Grand Bazaar, which is the largest covered bazaar in the Ottoman Empire. From here, we passed through the Eminonu square, and on the road we were just in front of the Suleymaniye mosque. This is the history of the Ottoman Empire, the most popular and most known Magnificent Sultan Suleyman made The most important mosque of istanbul, Suleyman mosque was made. This is the work of Architect Mimar Sinan. Architect Sinan Suleymaniye is my masterpiece for mosque. There are 4 minarets with 2 balconies in the shape of a cube and each one has a minaret on it. The reason for the complete architectural success in this great dome is that uleymaniye and HAgia Sophia did not have any impact if there were a number of very severe earthquakes in istanbul. Since the day it opened, it has served as a mosque.

After the Daily PMukkale tour, we headed towards Cappadocia completely. There are 2 different routes to Cappadocia. 1 motorway highway bus services yada. The other was much shorter as we were flying from Newsehir airport after the flight. first after passport check after free shopping. we got our suitcases and there was Mercedes car private cappadocia tours waiting outside us at the Newsehir airport. He took the driver's gear and put it in the car. Newsehir airport and cappadocia 45 minutes private vip mercedes we went to the cave hotel which is mostly more in Urgüp district. The cave hotel is somewhere else in the world and the reason is the boutique hotel, which is a natural protection from the outside. This hotel is very luxuriously designed rooms are located. Although Cappadocia is spread over a large area, it has been designated as a world protected site by Unesco. CAPPADOCIA surprised us the most that impressed us is that it is as close to you as you lift your hand in the sky,

Believe me, after a 4 day daily pumukkale tour, we preferred istanbul islands for the weekend. Of course, our guide Ender Bay suggested that we choose this.

Already after a nice 1,5 hour ferry trip to here before the big island in istanbul took a step. There is a large island square waiting for us here and Ada Saat Kulesi, which was built at the time of Sultan Abdulhamit II in the middle of the square. It has been a sign of time since the day it opened. It is forbidden to drive on the island and the other 3 docks, and these 4 docks are only transported by bicycle horsemen and historic phaetons with a very nice view. There are very nice beaches and beaches around the island of Tabiqi. There are also special cycling cappadocia tours and hiking trails on the beach, which is also around the island. The island is also home to extremely old and Ottoman mansions built with ottoman architecture.

It is interesting that a person coming to istanbul should not be surprised to see these wonderful things. The area we describe as Istanbul OldCity is very much the East Roman emperor Kosnatine

The Byzantine city of istanbul has been surrounded by walls that are impossible to destroy around Istanbul in order to provide security. Victory of war by the Byzantine king of Lakin for victory

the Belgrade Gate he used. The Byzantine emperor greets the celebrating people who are waiting for him. Even the Belgrade door is much larger and larger than the other city walls. Belgrade is decorated with a King sculpture on the right and left side of the door. In the battle with the Ottoman Empire, Edirne gate is the first entrance point to Istanbul.

After the Ottoman state conquered Byzantium in 1453 and conquered Istanbul. After this time, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed became the new emperor's ruler. From 1453 until 1923, istanbul became the capital of the Ottoman Empire. In this period both the sultan and the mosque were carried afterwards. The smallest of these is private turkey tours Sultan fatih mosque. It is already thought that it was built on the palace of the Byzantine emperor. As it is the oldest mosque built by FAtih istanbul, the whole army is gathering here, starting from here when the Ottoman army goes to war.

istanbul has its own architecture. Of course, the most important reason that affects this is the fact that the Eastern Roman and Byzantine empires make the capital, the works belonging to these two empires side by side. I think the Hippodrome is the best example for Eastern Rome. The hippodrome was made as a preliminary arena. But around it, the Ottoman Empire also had a building of Istanbul TApu Cadastre. Right next to it is the Rector's building of Mamar University, one of the well-known universities in istanbul. In fact, even today,

though there are Turkish museums of Islamic music. This is the mansion of Nibrahim Pasha, the most famous vizier of the ottoman empire, married to the Magneficent Sultan Suleyman's daughter. There is a hippodrome in the middle of this building and structures, including the Bleu mosque. Blue mosque has chestnut trees which are completely out of line. There are 5 different Blue mosque owned entrance doors belonging to Blue mosque. The largest of these is where the Hippodrome is located. The paper private istanbul tours is made of marble and the place where we put all our footsteps before. Immediately on the right and left is the Blue mosque main building from the shade of centuries-old Plank trees. This main building is reached by climbing over 20 stairs.

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