Best Veg Restaurants in Singapore

The days of being served up an uninspiring dish and a plate of mushrooms after you ask for something vegetarian are long gone. Whether or not your reasons for seeking out something vegetarian, organic or any combination of these are for health, within the interests of animal welfare or out of concern for the atmosphere, there are many choices here in Singapore.

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Singapore will never let you run out of options. You ask for it and Singapore has it.

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore:

Original Sins

The enduring quality of this Mediterranean feeder edifice in Chip Bee Gardens may be a marvel in fickle Singapore, wherever such a lot of restaurants open and shut during a blink.

In the same manner that South Indian feeder food is downright satisfying, Marisa’s feeder interpretation of Mediterranean food is sensible enough that non vegetarians may not even notice the absence of fish or meat on the menu.

Start with the mezze platter, concentrated with preserved tomato ciabatta bread, dish balls and 4 contemporary and light-weight dips: tzatziki, chickpea spread, pumpkin and carrot, and eggplant babaganoush or another perennial favorite, the sacred mushroom.

For mains you can have the bosco mista, a yummy burger made up of spinach, feta and bean curd coated with crushed almonds and benne seeds and topped with mushrooms and fine asparagus with tart sauce. It’s delicious and complete value for money!!

Central Park

Singapore’s one and solely skilled cook trained in raw vegetarian food, Sandra Lee, heads up to central park, a reasonably new eating place at NUS Dover’s UTown field. Her menu of raw vegetarian and vegetarian food (raw that means unheated, or cooked below 40ºC) is delicious, and worth the money.Go for the steamed mushroom curd served with a truffle-infused mushroom and vegetable gravy on prime of the fragile silk-like tofu or attempt a seafood flannel cake wrap ($9) stuffed & filled with salmon, dory, prawns and salty cheese.Central Park opens your eyes to the variability and depth of flavors.

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