Picnic in Nepal

As we know that Nepal is a small but beautiful country in the world.It is the country of hills and mountains.

In 2010 when I had gone my home Raxaul from Delhi on that day it was raining.When I deboared at my station Raxaul.

still on that time it was raining anyhow I arrived my own home my family was wating.Yet I had hardly taken a little rest just I heared a mobile ring tone then someone from my family shouted that this is the call from my sister who is in Nepal Kalaiya. and told me the family from sister is calling me to go to somewhere in Nepal. Then I denied that in this raining weather I will not go any where today I will rest next day i will go anywhere.

On that movement I thought this is time to go Shahid smarak in Nepal that is very famous place situation was that now I was ready and became very excited and without thinking anything I ran out from my home on that time It was raining I went to the bus station there was the last bus as well as there was no any sheet to me then I climbed above the bus there was ten or tweleve people on the top of bus now bus sarted to run and all people were very romantic mode some was singing a song and I was thinking that why was I going there in this raining weather at the same time now shivering and got wet then I took my towel and kept on my head in this way I arrived my sister home known as Kalaiya in Nepal where my Jija was waiting then both went to the market and take something and and then arrived at the home where all family were wating now there someone was saying not to go ,someone to go because of raining weather just father van cancelled and then hired next small van again in that van there was little space because of this two persons was cancelled that they did not go now rest we all satdown in that van and van started to go still it was raining .

I was going there only reason behind was that I had come from Delhi told them so we were going to picnic place Shahid smarak in Nepal.

Now the place Shahid smarak was in very less distance then we came out from the van and taken some raw material again keep on going, music was in full sound in van and we all are in romantic and enjoy mode. Now first we worshipped God known as Churiya mai.

that is very high from the market of the Hathora place. then next was a place where we started our climbing.

Here still it was raining and in this moment I go wet all person were in very fast positon to go fast from here because of rain but my family were taking enjoy.

Now we arrived at the gate of Sadhid smarak there were a few tourists and someone went to the counter of the Sahid smarak and taken ticket for us. Now we moved to the park that was very beautiful .

there was also some statue of martyrs in that park who scrified in that palce

Now I was in the mode of stunt man on that time my dialog had been shooted out.

there was different types of flowers, animals,birds .

On that night we returned back and all had been tired.

.......Really I can't forget that moment..........

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2014-09-28 10:57:29


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2014-09-28 10:26:47

I had gone previous year its nice

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2014-09-28 10:07:04

very good story

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2014-09-28 09:40:17

Aready I have gone there very nice place

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2014-09-28 09:19:01

it was raining so that was the good time

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2014-09-28 09:13:37

Yes, santosh Raxaul is the border of India

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2014-09-28 09:06:23

Really its very romantic story

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2014-09-28 09:00:23

very nice story :)

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2014-09-25 04:43:04

Yes,this is very romantic place so I also want to go there and will enjoy together :)

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2014-09-25 08:53:24

Asutosh ,its very cool place once come then will enjoy together and again we will see next popular place of Nepal


2014-09-24 06:01:14

Your family trip really seemed very interesting and enjoyable, especially the sunny deol moment :)

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2014-09-24 06:17:15

Yes with family trip, this was the my second trip and specially when I told a dialog of sunny deol but that could not be recored else I put here


2014-09-24 06:17:47

Next time I will upload recorded file if possible


2014-09-24 06:00:44

Awesome place to visit.....

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2014-09-24 06:11:23

yes Priyeranjan this is very good place if you have time you can come here .


2014-09-24 06:12:05

I will go with you and will enjoy together in the month of winter will be the best


2014-09-18 07:49:02

To go there best in winter or in summer

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2014-09-18 07:49:48

both are fine


India, Raxaul