Office Me And Rishikesh

Last month, I got the chance to visit Rishikesh. It was the first trip that was organized by our company. so obviously we all were quite excited. Well, we were all informed about the trip through the mail, which carried in it all the mandatory things that we were supposed 2 carry with us while being on the trip. So, it was the time for us to shop as well. After packing up all the things, we got to know that a VOLVO bus was hired to make us reach the destination.

Before going on the trip we definitely had some raw plans in our mind which were paving a way to be executed. So, at 11:45pm in the midnight, we were in the bus while the bus was scheduled for 12:00 am. We seated ourselves in a relaxing way and adjusted our baggage. Meanwhile, bus was running with its full speed on the extra plain National Highway...hehehe you know yaar... these UP roads sucks. At some places on the highway, it was hard to travel and as a result, we had to face a lot of deadly jerks. And of course, some were huge enough that you don't even think of. So, i can say that reaching Rishikesh was in itself an adventurous tour 4 us. Anyways, somehow we reached d destination Rishikesh. It was indeed the best place 2 visit. It did spellbound all of us n we were all set now 4 some of d best adventures that were planned 4 us.

As soon as we reached Rishikesh- The Dream Destination, we were told to put our belongings on the boat as we had our camps on the other bank of river. Crossing the river on boat was totally a different experience for us. Also, it had a glimpse of d upcoming river rafting, which was a special adventure there. We got ready 4 d breakfast. It was the yummy one. Actually, we didn't hope 4 d very good breakfast.

After having breakfast, we were supposed to get ready for the river rafting, which included d training session as well. Here, we were also told about the safety measures to be taken while rafting. We began rafting n it was indeed d best experience for all of us. Not only rafting, also we were enjoying the best moments with our friends. This river rafting also gave a deadly experience to one of our couleages.We all were really scared of dat.We returned from rafting n were really tired, so we took bath n refreshed ourselves.

Now, it was the time 4 lunch. We had lunch n were back to our respective tents. We didn't remember when we were slept. After retiring, we were ready for another breathtaking trekking session. We were not only enjoying these sessions but were also clicking the happy n fun-filled moments in our cameras.

As soon as we finished trekking, we were ready 4 another fun-frolic beach party, which was a treat by our company head. We were served d refreshments. Several games n activities were making the beach party, a rocking n memorable one. We were dancing on the music beats n were enjoying. After having so much of different experiences in Rishikesh, we were tired n none of us had enough energy to reach the food court for dinner. Bt we had 2 go there to fill our bowels. Although we were tired bt we didn't want to lose any chance of fun. So, now it was d time for truth n dare. This all seemed dat as if we were d part of shooting crew. It was another moment to enjoy, to open up the past secrets of our colleagues. And some of the answers were amazingly out of my mind. We didn't hope for such. Anyways we were all enjoying. We hardly could sleep that night.

Next Morning we prepared ourselves for cliff jumping which was yet another deadly experience but we enjoyed it to the core of our hearts. Actually, by this time we had only few hours left, so hurriedly we went to the tents, took bath n packed our baggages. We were now back to our office but we had some enthralling memories in our minds, hearts and cameras. Overall, it was a wonderful experience being there in Rishikesh.

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2014-09-16 16:35:18

awesome hope u enjoyed a lot there dude.........:)

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2014-09-17 04:32:47

yeah. some of the best moments with office friends.


2014-09-16 15:58:44

Nice dude, office aur masti ek sath.. Strange

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2014-09-17 04:31:25

yup sometimes strange thing happens :p


2014-09-15 16:20:30

hmmmm nice Moment "feels like u had a great fun in Rishikesh" (y)

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2014-09-17 04:31:45

yeah enjoyed alot.


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