A quick road trip to the most haunted place of Asia: Bhangarh

One think I dont like about Delhi and I always crib about is lack of quick getaways around it. Anywhere within the radius of 250 kms around Delhi, you have only concrete and roads and traffic and jams and bhasad etc.

But to counter this, we did a little research and found out this exciting place which is around 250 kms from Delhi. Bhangarh is known to be one of the most haunted place in Asia. And if we can find an alternate route to reach there we can also avoid the traffic and can ride in peace.

This sounded like a plan and the next morning we hit the road.

It was good trip with lots of ups and downs.. with travel mystery and bikers fun.

A foggy early morning start

The machine

First encounter with Sun after a chilly morning ride.

The first break after a long ride.

Now we are close.

It was strange to find these two type of moneys together. I think it is the only place where I saw this strange thing.

This recalls me some very strange incidents we experienced there.

An underground cave... supposed to be the source of spirits.

Time to move out. Time to hit the road again

This was almost like dirt biking for 15 - 20 kms

Ofcourse, how would we end this without posing the attitude.

From this point onwards we had a sprint of around 200 kms back to Delhi. Fast and swift... took the main highway back home. Dodging trucks we found our way back in a chilly cold winder night.

This adds one more experience in my life and gives me a kick to trip soon.

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