Nainital Trip

I want to share my Nainital trip story.Last year Our company had organized Nainital trip to celebrate new year. So we all were exited to plan and organized trip. we started to Google to know which place we have to stay and which are the famous places in Nainital since we didn't had much idea about Nainital so we had to do lots of homework to prepare our trip. so on 30th night we started our trip 'we took a cab to reach Delhi railway station and we boarded on train with full of excitement no one slept that night we all were busy with playing cards and games. At 4a.m we reached Kathgodam station from where we had to continue our trip by taking cab so everyone was so excited and full of energy temperature there was 1 degree but all were full of energy.

we took some tea in Dhaba and then booked a cab and started our journey from Kathgodam. Nainital is on 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) above sea level and surrounded by mountains i never saw such awesome place in my life every thing was looking so awesome by travailing few km we stopped our cab and started taking pictures of that wonderful place.

we did lots of photo shoot and then took some tea and breakfast and continued our journey. we reached our hotel by 6a.m all were shivering with cold but full of energy. we took rest at our hotels for few hours and continued our trip at first day we hire one cab to take view from top of the hill and for snow view.

As with any hill station, the points have wonderful views of the valley below. The lake is wonderful and the boat ride is a must for first timers. The other points are Snow view, Dorothy’s seat, Tiffin top, Lands end and Naini peak.

The Himalayan snow caps are supposed to be visible from Snow view but you need an exceptionally clear horizon for that. Snow view is approached by a rope way which gives you bird’s eye view of the lake. There are fancy rides for children at the top as well as a KMVN tourist Rest house (Room rent is inclusive of rope way charges twice a day). There’s a guy with air guns who charges 20 bucks for ten shots at bottles he’s strung up on the trees. It’s a hit with the kids. Dorothy’s seat, Tiffin top and Lands end are approachable only by trekking or on horseback. Tiffin top offers a fantastic view of the Krupa Tal while Dorothy’s seat oversees the Naini Lake. The wild part is the horse ride. It’s bumpy and scary.

The slope is steep and the drop is so sheer that your scared for your life in case of a misstep by the horse. But they are sure footed and well trained while the guide runs along with you and stays between the horse and the drop at all times. They advise you on how to sit during the ascent and descent as well as how to control the horse. The key to sitting comfortably on a horse, as I found out, is balance. On top we enjoyed a lot we played with snow took pictures and did lot of fun and after 5 to 6 hours cab dropped us at mall road we did some shopping and move towards Naini lake and there we did boating and enjoyed a lot. that day was 31st night so mall road was decorated very well we enjoyed our new year a lot.

Next morning we decided to go to nav tals which means nine lake due to nine lake its name is nainital. we book cab and continued to move on nav tals. we enjoyed a lot we took lots of picture of all nine lake and reached kathgodam station and then we had our dinner in one restaurant and boarded on train. so this was my Nainital trip experience.

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2014-09-24 06:06:23

Nanital in my favourite place where my family always goes where lake is very famous

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