Lost in the Lost Paradise- Kanyakumari

The journey to this place was not planned, even it was not a coincident, it was my wish to visit kanyakumari. Let's start with the reason that why I went to this place, thanks to my sister who got admission in one of the MBA college of Bangalore, and it was a golden opportunity to visit Bangalore with my parents,to meet my younger sister. After spending two days in Bangalore, we had two more days left. My father asked me where we should go and after a huge argument as my mother wanted to go to tirupati Balaji( sorry balaji), my father agreed on my wish, after all I am Father's daughter, my wish is his wish and then the journey started and can't tell you how much I was excited . Finally I was going to the place where I have always yearned to go. yeppyyy

I am very much women oriented so it is the only place which is a land of girls as its kanya and then kumari, just kidding, its the most exotic and beautiful place I have ever seen till date.Once called Cape Comorin, it is also the southernmost part of the Indian mainland.

About 86 km southeast of Thiruvananthapuram, Kanyakumari is the point of confluence of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari is home to another unique geographical phenomenon that allows you to witness the sunrise and sunset on the same beach.

The city gets its name from the Hindu goddess Kanyakumari who was also known as Kumari Amman. The temple dedicated to Goddess Kanyakumari is located at southernmost tip of the city.

Lets go through the chapters of the journey which started on 28th April 2013

Chapter 1: Vivekanda Rock

We all woke up very early in the morning as we had to board a bus, bust travel is the best way communication from Bangalore to Kanyakumari. We board a bus from Bangalore to Marthandam. Marthandam is a place which is near to kanyakumari and we hopped there as hotels are best in that place,it was 2:00pm in the afternoon,you can imagine the condition( April=Afternoon=Humidity=sweat=low energy).

At 3:00 pm we hired a car to visit all the tourist places of Kanyakumari. with in an hour we reached the city of coastal land. the driver of the car was only understanding my father's language as he is quiet familier with the language, as he had business in south so know little of tamil.

we started off with a visit to Vivekananda Rock . Viveknanda rock is on an island and that is some 200m far from the shore of Kanyakumari. Very close to Vivekananda rock, There is Thiruvalluvar Statue standing in the ocean on a rock but statue is inaccessible by ferries. One of the greatest spiritual mind of the world,Vivekananda once meditated on this rock. this place is generally crowded with tourists visiting Kanyakumari. There is another story about the Vivekanda rock that this is the place where Swami vivekananda found his salvation.

My mother was so much excited and moreover she was very happy to see lot of bengalis around her( typical bengali) as vivekananda's association with bengalis are more close. as we had less time so we were busy in clicking and capturing the moments and we had a photographer with us" My younger brother"

Chapter 2: Coastline at Kanyakumari at Western Side

This is the place for which I was waiting for, the place where 3 seas meet, but i was really wondering that what is the difference and there is saying that if you take bath in this place then all your sin will go deep inside the sea.And as every parents my parents too had this desire. And i didn't show this type of desire because i still think that sin is a part of your life and many sins I have to committ so I was busy in capturing the photos and my parents were busy in bathing. I was really lost in the beauty of the place. It was mesmerizing.I wish I could see beyond the ocean but bounded by the human limitation and waiting for the best part of the place Sunset.

Chapter 3: Sunset Of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is among very few places in the world from where you can see the sunrise and sunset from the same place due to its unique geographic location.The beauty was its best. The whole sky was looking like a blush of a newly married woman.I was with my parents and enjoying the view . Everything was so quite and peaceful, we were feeling like that earth really stood still. While writing I can still feel that peace in my soul, and we sat there late evening.I left the crowd on the shore and packed everything to start off for Kanchipuram

Chapter 4: Off to Kanchipuram

We returned back to our Hotel as we have to leave for Rameshwaram next early in the morning. I asked my parents to stay back as I wanted to witness the sunrise but again bounded by the limitation which we had, my father and my brother were ver amazed that we didn't do any shopping, but they were not knowing the next destination was for shopping only as we both the ladies are fond of Kanchivaram sarees. We had a lavish south Indian dinner in the hotel only, everyone was discussing about our next trip and I was lost in the lost paradise.

And thus we ended here with lot of memories,fun food, new language, people, and moreover peace.

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