Rishikesh - Unforgettable experience !!

If you are looking for a peace,so this one of the place to be Explore & have fun.It was a sudden short trip.I went to Rishikesh about an year ago with my cousins.We booked a tempo traveller for the journey as we were about 10 Siblings.I was very excited as i was going first time here and heard that River Rafting is so much fun.We head towards Haridwar first as we were very tired from the bus journey,and took the room in Haridwar.Though it was a tourist spot,almost all hotels were booked and after some efforts and through our belongings we got 3 rooms in a Hotel.We took rest there all night,had dinner and planned to heading towards rishikesh for camping & River Rafting.The tempotraveller who took us from Delhi to Haridwar,now headed towards with us rishikesh in early morning.As we were having 4 days trip,we planned accordingly.As we had started our journey in early morning,we all were starving very badly..so we had our breakfast when we were about to reach near Rishikesh.We ate Chole bhature,KadiChawal and drink Lassi there.And there we also bought eatables and drinks which was make us refresh through out the journey..;)

Then we head towards Rishikesh Beach Camping area..where we all have to go some feets down to reach to the river side.So we all headed towards it..

After reaching near river side..we all were happy to see the camping area..as there were tents all around & surely as it was such a soothing atmosphere there.The Sound of holy Ganga water were giving us soothness all around and definitely you will never get over from this place.

In Rishikesh,Season of River Rafting starts in Mid of September to 30th June.So we all have decided to do rafting here.We went with the instructor who was continuously instructing us how to do it.Yeah it was thrilling experience we all were ever had.Firstly some of my cousins were hesitating to do it and they were tolding us to not to do it..as it was dangerous too,but when our instructor guide all of us then they all get ready to do that.After having a thrilling experience we went to our tents to take rest.

In the night,our camp manager made a mutton for us in the dinner..it was very tasty and as we all are punjabis..we didnt get over from one time dinner..we insisted our camp manager to make some more mutton for us..:D After having a tasty and heavy dinner :P We went near river side for Bonfire..As Beach Camping is also one of the speciality of Rishikesh and there we had some snacks arrangement with some chilled beers and breezers with us!! We had antakshari and drum shrats dere near river side. And sitting below the sky,watching infinite numbers of stars is such a different feeling..:)

And after having all day fun..we all were went to our tents were we found that theres no light available in the tent..and somehow we

managed to take out all our sleeping beds near the river side and then we all slept Under the open sky.

At 5:00 am me nd my two cousins woked up with voice of water..as were near ganges..and there we had a walk to experience the early morning views near the river side.Then after some time my all cousins woked up and we decided to left this place as we were having short of time..coz will have to go to mussoorie from here in the moring itself.So we packed our bags for the Musoorie..and after reaching there we took some rest and went to mall road(small tibetan market) here.We ate momos,Boiled egg here hehe..coz half of my cousins were busy in shopping we were doing all this stuff!!:D

After roaming in market in mall road we went to our hotels in musoorie and had dinner there.In the next morning we had a plan to go to kempty falls as we have a short of time so we packed our bags previously..and went there and had fun there.

All and all this was a different and exciting experience to visit haridwar,Rishikesh and Musoorie with cousins.Everyone should go this small planet(RISHIKESH) once!!!! :)

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