Mt. Abu - Journey of Cowboys

Oh Yes! We were no less than any old timer American Cowboys. Its been 8 years since we had been done with that trip. But I still remember very vividly how we got the courage to take that journey, money for the trip and most importantly how we arranged for our ride.

At that time, I was studying my MBA in Nirma University, Ahmedhabad. It was all usual, I was sleeping in my class and I guess it was an Economic Class, When I got this SMS from the Girl from other Class. She has to go to Bombay in the evening and asked me if I will be able to drop her to the Airport in her Car. Ofcourse I said no and messaged her back by telling her about my other Engagements of the evening. I went back to sleep.

And I saw a dream, I saw that I m standing on a cliff, and suddenly there is lightening, big lightening. Then, somebody called my name. And that class was over and I woke up. But I was still seeing the vision of that dream. And suddenly there was an Idea.

I called that Girl and I apologized to her and said " It will be my honor to help a lady who is in need ". And just after that call, I explained my idea to a very selected* group of friends. * A car has maximum 5 seats, so have to finest of the gentlemen on the trip, very exclusive set of people.

In the Evening along with Rathore ( my room mate - crime lord), we went to leave her to Airport. Our plan was to hijack the car as soon as we will drop her to the airport. We asked our other friends to meet us outside college and we will do a night out on a F*****g car.

Now we were 5 people

From Left 2 Right : Bhaskar, Uncle, Bhasin, Me & Rathore

We had no plans where we are going to go for 2 nights, so we all counted how much money we have in total. After all the permutations and combinations we all thought of finalizing Mt. Abu, with few conditions that we have just Rs 300 for 5 of us to stay for 2 days. As its one of the nearest places which is not a dry place and beer will be freely avaliable. Note: Gujrat is a dry state.

Me Driving and Bhasin trying

Backseaters seems little ****

Day1: Search for the Cowboy land.

From Ahmedabad to Mt Abu its around 220 kms, and we started somewhere around 5:30 in the evening. We had one hell of a night and a ride before we reached Mt. Abu at 9:00 in the morning.

A cold ice cream can make your brain freeze and sometimes even your face.

Bhaskar enjoying his ice-cream before it melts

Cowboys searching for their destiny.

And then they found it. :)

Finally some rest.

An open Rest room.

Some cowboys fighting

Day 2: Cowboys at a fuel staition

After spending a day at Mt. Abu, and spending all the money we had. we were left with no money to go back and for staying another day in Abu. So we again sat and discussed and focused and used our brains for the second time in 2 days. we found that Rathore has an old friend who has a petrol pump at Abu Road. If we can track him we can get food, petrol, shelter, and booze. And as wise man says, luck is only with those who seeks the truth. Dont try to decode the saying, just get the emotion behind it.

And after that we had a ball of night.

Petrol Pump with just one room

The guy in the left is the guy who gave us all we needed. His name was Vikram, I guess.

Heating my bones after a tiring day.

Our cook for that night was Rathore and he was preparing his special Rajasthani Laal Maas (Lamb - Red Meat). So the party started.

Little high and we were giving teachings to each other.

Finally Meat was ready.

Day 3: Back to the Future before going for hunting

It was not an early morning, rather a lovely one. Our host took us out for Hunting and we couldn't say no.

Cowboys wondering.

Finally somehow by day 3 evening were able to get back to college. Next day morning I got a message from the same girl whether I can come to pick her up from the airport. Do I need to tell you my Response, or you just know it?

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2014-09-24 05:52:55

Really ,it would have been very enjoyment moment, if I would be there then shoot a scene with gun :)

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2014-09-17 08:31:38

It was a good short trip. Some of the best trips I have ever had in my life are the outcomes of impulsive decision making. The overall experience of achieving our dreams with minimum resources was very encouraging. Cowboy got Nostalgic after going through this. ;)

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2014-09-17 07:48:32

Very refreshing experience, Remembering my own college trips.. Travelling with friends and friends is always fun..!!

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