Pristine has a new synonym: Ladakh

If you long for a place full of awesome energy, beautiful landscapes, serene atmosphere, adventure in its purest form and easy on wallet, then pack your bags and hop to Ladakh for your next fun getaway. A 4 to 5 days trip to Ladakh leaves one rejuvenated and dazzled for a long time. Let me give you a snapshot of this wonderful place.


Clear blue skies and deep blue crystal water surrounded by huge mountains sets a perfect backdrop for camping and relishing raw fun. Pangong Tso lake is a must visit in Ladakh. A picturesque spot very close to the Chinese border in Ladakh and easily accessible too. It makes you fall in love with the color Blue.

Feel Like God

To make your experience even more exhilarating, rent a bike and take a road trip. The Himalayan Mountains are breathtaking, really and the chilly weather makes it even more enjoyable. The road trip is worth an experience if you have a great company riding on your back seat.

Heard a lot about the Magnetic hill? How about experiencing it yourself. Another place worth visiting and can be covered in the road trip.

Proud Indane

I happened to come across this place during one of the road trips. When you stand right outside this facility, you get a thrilling feel and admiration for the work done. There are many more places like this to be explored in Ladakh.

Celestial Abode

Well, this one is my personal favourite. The Sanchi Stupa. I found this to be the serenest of the places and the entire environment is so calm and peaceful that it makes you forget the tensions and worries of the world and relaxes you like nothing else. The grandeur of this place was overwhelming.

And of course you can get in the skin of the traditions at Ladakh. It is fun. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.......

To ride or to be ridden away

Time for some adrenaline rush. You can just not leave ladakh without going for river rafting. Though the stretch is not much, but the thrill is awesome.

I have just highlighted the tip of an ice-berg, there is so much more to Ladakh. Don’t want to spoil the fun and the excitement. Go and explore this amazing place in India, yourself.

The pictures displayed here were taken in the month of June.

Must haves:

    ·Driving license and ID proof



    ·First aid kit

    ·Antibiotics and anti-allergic

    ·Tough pair of shoes

    ·Moisturising cream


    ·An appetite for adventure

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