Best Thailand Street Food: Your local guide to the best dishes is Thailand

Here in Thailand, you come to taste one of the best traditional and authentic dishes. Bangkok is the place which is considered to be the best place to relish the true flavours of Thai street food. The food paradise offers a large variety of street food that is truly unforgettable.

This street food guide introduces you to some of the best street foods available in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.


Make it a starter or eat it as a main course, Satay is one of the best Thai Street Food. You get it served hot with a variety of sauces and say ‘yum’ with its very first bite. Satay is a dish made of grilled meat which is famous in Thailand and basically served with hot peanut sauce.

Khao Pad

If we talk about the meaning; “Khao” means rice and “Phat” means anything which is fried. One of the most popular Thai street food, Khao Pad completes the list of most famous Thai street foods. Khao Pad is considered a typical Thailand street food which is consumed by millions of Thai people every day.

Som Tum

Very similar to the unripe papaya, Som Tum is basically a spicy and delicious salad which is made of shredded green papaya. Originated from the effort of ancient Lao citizens, Som Tum is one of the best happenings of the Thai street food.

Pad See Eiw

One of the popular main course dishes from Thai food, Pad See Eiw or Si-io is being tasted on all the Bangkok food tours. It can be best combined with meat and curry. Pad See is actually a noodle dish which is stir-fried and is available and famous in all the Thailand restaurants.

Kluay Tod

Have you ever eaten banana fritters? Kluay Tod is a better, crispier, and tastier version of Banana Fritters. One of the famous Thai street food dishes, Kluay Tod is a must-have dish when you are in the street of Thailands.

Kai Jeow

You will never have tried a better version of an omelette than the Thai version which is named Kai Jeow. This magnificent omelette is made of fish sauce, and herbs and can be served any time. This is one of the most popular breakfasts according to Thai cuisine.

Moo Ping

Prepared with pork meat, Moo Ping is best served with spicy nam jim jeaw sauce. One of the best Thailand street foods, Moo Ping tastes best when it is grilled and prepared with pepper and garlic.

Gai Tod

This is a kind of dish that has all the spices to amaze you with its taste. This is one of the tastiest blends of sticky rice and fried chicken and should not be missed when you are in the streets of Thailand.

Poh Pia Tod

If you are willing to enjoy street food in Thailand, never forget to taste Thai Spring Rolls as it does not only attract the travellers but locals are also the fond of this dish. The dish is easily available on any of the food stalls are available in Thailand.

Khao Niew Ma Muang

One of the must-have dishes in Bangkok, Poh Pia Tod is made from Mango and coupled with sticky rice. The dish is not to surprise the locals but tasty enough to surprise the travellers from all over the world with its unique and rich taste.

Khao Mun Gai

The dish is considered as the national dish of Singapore which is made of chicken and mostly served with a plate of steamed rice. Though it’s very simple in making but offer a great taste when it is served with steamed rice or bread.

One can enjoy the authenticity of Thai food in the streets of Thailand only. Book Thailand tour packages and explore the charm of Thailand with the authentic street food of Thailand.

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