Huawei Matebook X: a direct rival of the Macbook Air

Huawei is one of the most successful Chinese companies, they work from smart phones, modems and routers for the Internet, to the manufacture of high-end laptops. Such is the case of the Huawei Matebook X, a direct rival to the famous Macbook Air.

Features of Huawei Matebook X

Huawei's Matebook series includes two forms of laptop that have already surprised us: the first a hybrid 2 in 1 that incorporates a tablet and laptop, the Matebook E, and the second a 15-inch business laptop called Matebook D.

However, it is the new Huawei Matebook X that is taking all the applause, as it has been cataloged as the economic replacement of the famous Apple laptop, one of the perfect alternatives to Macbook Air .

The Huawei Matebook X is the smallest 13-inch laptop on the market, measuring just 12.5 mm x 286 mm x 211 mm, and weighs 1.05 kg. In those small dimensions it manages well to have a 13-inch screen, compared to the 12-inch screen that uses Apple in similar dimensions.

Huawei Matebook X incorporates Dolby surround sound with a dual sound engine, making it more efficient and offering exceptional quality when listening to audio.

This Chinese company has been manufacturing and refining the materials and designs of smartphones for years, and now has turned this experience into their new work of art of laptops. The result is a laptop with aluminum design finishes in colors Space Gray, Prestige Gold, and Rose Gold that will appeal to the public that uses it.

It incorporates USB-C adapters, which will allow you to enjoy HDMI, USB and more inputs, also incorporates the classic input for 1.5mm headphones.

And as if that were not enough, the Huawei Matebook X has been built with a cooling system similar to that used by the suits of astronauts in space, this will never overheat or suffer high temperatures.

As for the hardware itself, we found a seventh generation Intel Core i5-7200U or Core i7-7500U CPU, Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card, solid disk SSD 256 GB or 512 GB, 4 GB to 8 GB LPDDR3 , and a battery from [email protected]

In terms of prices, we find these variants:

  1. Intel Core i5 con 8GB y 256GB SSD: 1399 €
  2. Intel Core i5 con 8GB y 512GB SSD: 1599 €
  3. Intel Core i7 con 8GB y 512GB SSD: 1699 €
  4. Intel Core i7 con 8GB y 512GB SSD: 1699 €

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