A Memorable Safari Experience in Jim Corbett National Park

It was a beautiful morning at the Corbett wildlife resort, where I and my friends were staying for 2 days. The white waters of the Ramganga River, the big boulders on its banks and the orange lit up sky seemed to add up to the beauty of that serene place. That morning was even more special because we were about to go for an Open Jeep Safari to the Jim Corbett National Park. I was waiting for this day since long back.

It was 5:00 a.m. in the morning. I and my friends were awakened by the morning wake-up call from the reception of the resort. We got ready in half an hour, had our breakfast in the dining area and then, we set out towards the park. The entrance gate of the park was about a ten minutes ride from our resort. As we reached the park, our ID proofs and permits were checked by the guards at the entrance gate. We were then allowed to enter the premises of the park.

The lush greenery of the park mesmerized me. That beauty was enough to inspire an artist to create his masterpiece. We had a group of four friends. We were then provided with our Gypsy and we set out for our safari in the Bijrani zone. Apart from us, there was an expert guide and a driver with us in the open jeep. We began our journey from there. As the jeep took speed, I could feel the gush of the cool breeze on my face and in my ears. The green plants and trees took me to a different world for a while. We had to do this safari ride in the Bijrani zone, which we were about to reach.

As we reached the Amnanda Gate, we could actually realize how the flora in this zone varied from the other regions of the park. We had a great ride on the topsy-turvy terrain inside the Bijrani zone. This zone has a variety of land terrains. We could see hills, swamps, planes and pebbled regions in the Bijrani zone. I still remember how the Barking deer, Hog deer and Sambhar leaped over our Gypsy. That moment was extraordinary to witness. Our jeep was moving at a low speed at the places where the animals were around. As we moved towards the deers, a few of them jumped over across our jeep and we were dumbstruck by seeing such an amazing glance of these wonderful creatures. I captured a beautiful bunch of baby elephants who were enjoying a bath near a riverine belt, that flows through the Bijrani zone. I also captured shots of deers, peacocks and some rare birds through my DSLR camera. We also had a little glimpse of the show stopper - the Royal Bengal Tiger. Our jeep was not permitted to go near it because of safety reasons. So, we admired its royal glimpse from a distance. My DSLR also captured the footprints of this great species.

It was a not-to-be-missed experience to have an open jeep ride amidst the jungles of Jim Corbett National Park.Finally, at around 2:00 p.m., we returned back to our resort. We left the park leaving our footprints behind and taking good memories with ourselves.

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