Five Must See Places in Phaltan

Do you believe in discovering a new place every time?

Are you thinking of any place in Maharashtra, India, this time?

I would suggest you Phaltan.

Does the name sound unfamiliar to you?

Not only you but also a significant number of people are unfamiliar with its name. But, slowly, it is getting recognition globally. Do you know why? It is because Phaltan made lamps and rickshaws have found their markets in the US and the UK.

This small town has a lot to explore and enjoy. Additionally, some very famous tourist places like Lonavala, Khandala, Satara Windmill, and Maya Nagari Mumbai are not far away from here.

Most of the tourists often run behind famous names, so they miss this place. You should choose this place to enjoy it and along with it enjoy other nearby famous tourist places.

Here are five places in Phaltan that you must enjoy-

Rajwada Palace-

Phaltan Rajwada is an immensely beautiful royal palace in Phaltan. You can easily figure out its significance by the fact that several Bollywood movies have already been shot in this place. Akshay Kumar starer Khatta Meetha and Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi starrer Zilla Ghaziabad are just two examples of the films shot in the palace.

When you would enter the palace and see one room after another, your eyes widen, and you assume if your home were like this. You will not find it easy to eliminate the memories of the palace from your mind for long.

Shri Ram Mandir:

Shri Ram Mandir in Phaltan is a famous temple. Locals have great belief in this temple. People from nearby places also come to offer their prayers to Raja Ram and his family. At the entrance gate, you will get the carved images of the Ramduta. And when you enter the temple, you see the standing idols Lord Ram, Laxman, Sita, and Hanuman. The temple is magnificent and you feel an incredible peace in the temple. As you enter the temple, you forget all your worldly tensions. This is not a joke but a reality that you will also say once you return from the temple.

Jabreshwar Mandir:

Jabreshwar Mandir is the oldest temple of lord Shiva in Phaltan. The temple dates back to 13 or 14th century. The temple is based on the Hemadpanthi style. You can see a glimpse of Ajantha, Ellora, and Khajuraho in this temple since they have been tried to be imitated here in the temple. This temple is a symbol of religious harmony as well because you can see the statues of Bhagwan Mahaveer carved at the entrance of the temple. So, Shiva and Mahaveera are together live in this temple. This temple gives a clear message to humans that if two gods of different religions can live together in the same temple then why cannot we human.

The temple is quite popular, and a large crowd gathers to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. This lord Shiva temple is recognized for its tranquility and vibrant environment. Offering prayer in this temple fills you with high energy.

Sugar Factories-

If you want to know how sugarcane is processed to make sugar, Phaltan is really the right place for you. Phaltan has two sugar mills - New Phaltan Sugar Works Ltd. and Sakharwadi and Shri Ram Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Pvt. Ltd. Sakharwadi and Shri Ram Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Pvt. Ltd is the first private sugar factory in the state.

Local Markets-

If you do not walk the local market of the area you visit, you make a big mistake. The local markets allow you to understand the culture of the place, understand the people, and know about the local arts and crafts, local foods, blah, blah, blah… Phaltan local markets are not exceptions. If you spend some time in the local markets, you will learn a lot about the people of Phaltan, their culture, food habits, dressing sense…. So, do visit the markets.

How to reach-

Phaltan is almost 250 KM from the state capital, Mumbai. It takes you around 4 hours 30 minutes to reach Phaltan by road. You easily get busses and taxis for Phaltan from Mumbai. So, reaching Phaltan is not a big deal.

Where to stay in Phaltan-

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