The journey that I have now is sharing the budget with friends in a group. In general, I don't really get involved to do the itinerary like I used to do normally. But it's ok, as long as everything has done and welcome to Ibiza...!! I don't even have this thought before in mind ever. Paradise for young people who like beaches, and parties.

Ibiza also a favorite place for the famous actress to visit. As far as I know, they don't really have public transportation like metro or tram but a cab.

We stay far from the downtown need to drive uphill about 10-15 minutes. But it has nice view indeed! So forget about walking up - downhill to downtown. That's why we need to have /booked a car here.

We stayed in the villa and we have the neighbors who rent the other villas as well. and they really appreciate the culture of having breakfast and it's outdoor with the nice view while eating. All guests having breakfast together and the host really prepare everything themselves even the owner himself stop by each table, greet you and pour the coffee into your cup! What a great service...

Here, spending time on the beaches and you realized you forget about time! time just fly here, and that's it! enough for me. Beside the sea sight-seeing, downtown view, the spot that must visit is Las Dalias market, aka Hippie market. And do one last thing, rent a boat/ yacht, then go sailing and enjoy the weather !!!

the sunset

you better watch out!

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